You can view your PIN by logging into your cardholder panel either on the ZADAZ website and login at ZADAZ member area. Once there, click on "Show PIN".
No, your PIN cannot be changed, but you can view it at any time by logging into ZADAZ website ate ZADAZ member area.
You can purchase one ZADA card after your application is approval
Your ZADAZ card must be purchased with an initial load of 100 euros €. You can also add more funds to your ZADAZ The balance on your card at any given time cannot exceed 5000€
You can use your ZADAZ everywhere MasterCard is accepted in any currency, but your ZADAZ card is always is euros €, so any currency change from local currency to euros € a 2.5% exchange fee will be applied.
Once purchased, you can reload your ZADAZ card through your ZADAZ agent, please contact him to reload your card.
Usually your funds will be loaded to your ZADAZ CARD within 72hrs. Should this not be the case please check that your balance does not exceed €5000. Otherwise, the balance of your card is checked every hour for possibility of loading.
An application decision will be made by our issuing bank within 5 business days once your application is submitted. We will notify you via email so we recommend you check your email frequently in order to keep yourself informed over the status of your application.
The application decision lies solely with our issuing bank who can base their decision to decline on any reason including invalid documentation, applicant's presence on a sanctioned list, or application inconsistencies. If declined, you can reapply for a new ZADAZ card after 5 months. To avoid declined applications, complete the application form fields as they appear in your passport and ensure that your passport is valid for at least the next six months. Also ensure that the scanned PDF copy of your passport is legible.
Yes. If at checkout you are paying in a currency other than euros €, there will be a rate conversion involved with an added exchange fee of 2.5%. Make sure that the balance in your ZADAZ card covers the amount converted to euros € plus 2.5% for currency exchange. Otherwise, your transaction will be declined, and your card will be charged a €0.50 declined transaction fee.
Your ZADAZ card is valid for at least 24 months. The expiration date is printed on the face of your ZADAZ card.
Your 9-digit token number is printed at the bottom of the face of your card. You will only be asked to provide this 9-digit token number when contacting customer support or at ZADAZ member are website.
Immediately login to ZADAZ website and login at ZADAZ member area, and freeze your card. Once your ZADAZ card is reported lost or stolen it can no longer be used, even if it is found.

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