Zadaz Card Terms & Conditions

Your use of any ZADAZ Card is governed by these ZADAZ Card Terms and
Conditions between you and Mirak.Ltd (referred to hereinafter as the “Issuer”).

1. Definitions and Construction


ZADAZA reloadable prepaid card with annual €30,000 load limit, 2-year validity, and full KYC. (Know Your Customer). This card is personalized before delivery with the profile of the cardholder after successful KYC check. The cardholder name may be printed or not on the card, optional, though the cardholder profile is always associated with the card.


Account – means any prepaid product accounts linked to your Card, loaded with EUR Currency that have access to prepaid payment functions.


Online Services – means the cardholder panel website or any applicable Mobile Portal application that you login to view and manage your cards.


Fees Schedule – means the schedule of fees and charges, in respect of your Card, available on the Website, as may be amended and notified to you from time to time.


EUR – means the official currency of the European Union “Euro”.


Available Balance – means the total monetary value available to you in your Card for transactions using the Card.


Card – means the prepaid MasterCard ZADAZ, bearing the MasterCard logo issued and available to you for your purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide.


Customer Services – means the online support at customersupport@ZADAZ.com

Negative Balance – means a negative rather than positive Available Balance, arising because the debits on your Card Account exceed the total value of all your Card Account.


We, Us, Our, Issuer – means Mirak Ltd..


You, Your, Cardholder – means the natural person named on the Card or the card holder entering into these Terms and Conditions.


Freeze/Unfreeze – A card feature accessed through the cardholder panel to temporarily disable/enable a card for protection against fraud, loss, or theft.


In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires:

  • A reference to this Terms and Conditions or to these Terms and Conditions is a reference to these Terms and Conditions as the case may be, as varied, amended, supplemented, replaced from time to time.
  • Words in the singular number include the plural number and vice versa.
  • Where a word or phrase is defined, its grammatical forms have a corresponding meaning.



2. Introduction
These Terms and Conditions govern the use of your Card, and are an agreement between you and the Issuer. By Activating and using your Card you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

You are advised to read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Contact Customer Services if you do not understand or are unsure about any of these Terms and Conditions.

2.1 What are the benefits of ZADAZ Cards?
Your Card is:

› Prepaid – you first have to load funds onto your Card and then you can reload again within allowed limits with respect to your card. As a result, you can only spend the Available Balance and can keep to a budget.
› Reloadable – ZADAZ cards can be loaded with additional funds subject to allowed limits.
› Able to be used at shops, cash withdrawal at ATMs or for e-commerce transactions, wherever MasterCard prepaid cards are accepted.

2.2 Eligibility for obtaining the Card
You are eligible to receive the Card provided you are minimum age of eighteen years.

2.3 Other information
Your Card is not like a credit card and your ability to use your Card to perform transactions is limited to the Available Balance. There is no profit payable to you on the Available Balance of your Card.

2.4 Fees and Charges
Card fees and charges apply to certain transactions, enquiries and services. All fees and Charges that we charge relating to the use of your Card are listed below at clause 3.8 and are detailed in the Card Fee Schedule available on the Website. All fees and charges (unless otherwise specified) will be deducted from your Available Balance.

3. Managing your Card
3.1 Balance enquiries
You can check your balance by logging on to cardholder panel. Your Card can only be used if it has a positive Available Balance. If you make or attempt to make any transactions that exceed your Available Balance on your card, then you will be liable to us for any Negative Balance plus any applicable fees, along with any costs incurred in recovering or attempting to recover from you the amount you owe. If a Negative balance arises, that does not mean that a Negative Balance will be allowed to arise or be
increased on subsequent occasions.

3.2 Password
You must set a password to be able to log into cardholder panel. To create an account, go to http://ZADAZ.com/, login into ZADAZ member section by entering the email used for the application and the 9 digit number printed on the card carrier and the card, once you enter the Members area, click on ZADAZ Card Holder Panel, enter your email as user name and click on “Create a New Account”. You must protect your password and not disclose it to any person or record it anywhere and ensure the password you choose is not obvious or easily guessed (for example, do not use your date of birth, any part of your name, family, pet or street names). We may also need you to provide additional information to authenticate you when logging into cardholder panel. If you forget your password or believe it may have been compromised, you should contact Customer Services. You may reset your password at the cardholder panel at any time you wish.

3.3 Insufficient Funds
Where the funds in your Card are insufficient to process a transaction, the transaction will be declined.

3.4 Errors and transaction disputes
You should retain all vouchers and transaction records received from merchants. You should check all details and entries by reviewing your transaction records on a regular basis:
› by viewing your transactions on cardholder panel,
› by contacting Customer Services.

There may be fees payable for reviewing transactions using Mobile Services. You are advised to refer to the Fees set forth in clause 3.8 for further details.

You cannot stop a payment on any transaction after it has been completed. A merchant must issue a valid refund voucher to make a refund to you. We can only credit your Account with the refund when we receive the voucher from the merchant’s bank. Refer to the Unauthorized Transactions section below if you have a transaction on your transaction record that is unauthorized (rather than what appears to be an error or dispute with a merchant).

3.5 Steps to resolve an error or transaction dispute:
You should always first communicate directly with the merchant to resolve a dispute. If it cannot be resolved, you should contact us to report it via Customer Services or through support at http://ZADAZ.com/  within 30 days of the disputed transaction. Proof of the purchase transaction and a written summary of relevant information may be required. The date appearing on your transaction record may not be the transaction date recorded by us, as transactions may be completed and posted to your Account on a different day.
If you wish to file a transaction dispute, please download a Dispute Form from the cardholder panel and submit it to us via email at CustomerSupport@ZADAZ.com. You are required to provide as much information about such disputed transaction as you can. Once we have received your completed Dispute Form, we will investigate such transaction on your behalf. We will acknowledge receipt of your Dispute Form. Provided that you have complied with our reasonable request for information, we will correct
the error if it is our fault or the fault of our services providers. If on reasonable grounds we decide it is not our fault, we will notify you as soon as such decision is made.

3.6 Refunds or reversals
Refunds or reversals, whether directly from a merchant or in the form of a disputed transaction that was transacted in, will be returned in the same amount and credited on your Account. Refunds or reversals of an amount that was transacted in other EUR Currency will be converted at the applicable MasterCard Conversion Rate and returned to “EUR” Currency. Note that amounts returned for non-EUR Currency a currency conversion fees may differ from the amount deducted from your Account at the time of the original transaction due to exchange rate fluctuations.

3.7 Limitations on use of your ZADAZ card:

  • You cannot use your ZADAZ Card at gambling or adult retailers.
  • Your card cannot be used for purchases from merchants who do not accept prepaid MasterCard branded cards.
  • This ZADAZ Card is not redeemable for cash.
  • Your ZADAZ Card is an electronic money product issued by us pursuant to a license from MasterCard®. If your ZADAZ Card is blocked or cancelled for any reason, you will not be able to use it. If your ZADAZ Card has been lost or stolen, we will follow the process set out in clause 4.
  • When using your Card with some merchants (such as hotels and car rentals),’tolerance limits’ may apply. This means that the merchant may obtain an authorization or approval on your card for an amount up to 20% more than the anticipated total bill, to cover additional items such as incidentals or to ensure adequate funds are available. The entire amount of the authorization or approval (including the tolerance limit) will be deducted and will not form part of your Available Balance until the authorization or approval is confirmed. Only the amount actually spent or authorized will be finally deducted from your Available Balance after the authorization or approval is confirmed.


3.8 ZADAZ features and limits and Fees:

Card Product


Card Type

Mag & Chip



Card Validity

24 months







Maximum Load


Daily Load Limit


Minimum Load


Load Fee


Decline Fee*


Daily ATM Withdrawal


ATM Withdrawal Fee


ATM Balance Inquiry Fee


Annual Residency Fee**


Recurring Transactions


Name on Card


Currency Conversion Fee


Card Fee


Card Replacement Fee


*List of decline fee reasons are:

  • Invalid CVV
  • Invalid PIN
  • Insufficient Fund
  • Expired card

** Fee is applied for second year of ZADAZ

4. Expiry, Closing and Termination

4.1 Card Expiry
Once activated, your Card can be used to access your available balance until the expiry date shown on
your Card. Your Card cannot be used any more after the expiry date.

4.2 Ending or suspending these Terms and Conditions
If we reasonably believe your cards being used in a way that may cause losses to you or us, we may cancel, restrict, or withhold use of your Card or Account at any time, without notice. Further, we may cancel or suspend the use of your Account and/or Card or terminate these Terms and Conditions immediately, without prior notice, if:

  • we believe your Card has been or is likely to be misused;
  • we suspect you are using your Card for non-personal transactions;
  • you breach any of these Terms and Conditions;
  • we suspect any illegal or unauthorized use of your Account or Card;
  • you gave us, or we reasonably suspect that you have given to us false or inaccurate information;
  • we believe that continuing to allow you to use your Card may cause us to be in breach of any law (including, without limitation, laws relating to anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism); or


In any event we may close your Account for any reason other than the above by giving you at least thirty (30) days’ prior notice. If we provide you with this thirty (30) days closure notice, you may be entitled to a refund of any Available Balance on your Account as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.


5.1 Unauthorized use, loss or theft
You must promptly notify us via Customer Services if:

› Your Card is misused;
› The security of your PIN or password are compromised in any way;
› There is reason to believe any of the above might occur or might have occurred.

If there is a delay in you giving us this notification, you may be responsible for the losses occurring as a result of the delay, and the transactions performed with your Account, resulting in the Available Balance being reduced accordingly. We shall not be held liable for such losses which is due to your delay in notifying us. Cards previously reported lost or stolen are permanently deactivated and cannot be used for any purpose.

5.2 Your liability for unauthorized transactions
Once you have notified us that your Card has been lost or stolen, or your PIN or password may have been disclosed to someone else, you will not be liable after that time for any transactions by someone else accessing your Card.



6. General

6.1 Notice or Communications
Subject to any applicable law, you agree that we or our agents may give written notices or other communications to you under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions either:

› by writing to you at your residential or postal address last known to us;
› by giving it to you personally or leaving it at your residential or postal address last known to us;
› by electronic communication to your email address last known to us or which you last gave us for
sending notices and communications to you; or If a notice or other communication is given to you by electronic communication, the content of the electronic notice or communication may be:
› set out in the body of the email or text message;
› included as an electronic document attached to the email; or

If a notice or other communication is given to you:
› in writing – you are taken to have received it when it would be delivered in the ordinary course of the post;
› by giving it to you personally or leaving it for you – you are taken to have received it on the day of delivery; or
› electronically – you are taken to have received it on the day it is transmitted. In addition to the communications channels set out in these Terms and Conditions, we and our agents may give you a notice or other communication by using any method allowed or required by a law. If a law requires us or our agents to use a particular method, such method will be used.
You agree that, for the purpose of communications originated from or received by the Customer Services or through your Account Centre, and for the purpose of electronic communications received by the Customer Services or through your Account Centre, the Customer Services or the operator may:
› verify your identity by reference to any or all of the information given by you to us (or our agents) during Activation or at any other time, or any changes made to this information;
› proceed on the basis that we or they are dealing with you if satisfied by that verification.

6.2 Change of personal details
We rely on having accurate information about your personal details. If you change these details (for example your address telephone number or your email address), you must notify us promptly by logging onto online services or by calling the Customer Services. We will not be responsible if you do not receive any notice or correspondence that has been sent in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, if the personal details you have provided are incorrect or obsolete.

6.3 Changes to these Terms and Conditions
We may amend, supplement or replace these Terms and Conditions, including any fees and charges associated with the use of your virtual Card, from time to time by giving you notice, as set forth above, or any method as determined by applicable law. We will also publish such amendments or changes to these Terms and Conditions on the Website. Publication of such amendments or changes by such method will constitute effective notice to you.

6.4 Authorization
You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consent and authorize (the Issuer at any time and at its
absolute discretion to:

  • use any and all of your personal data, credit or financial information for any banking related purposes;
  • disclose/ release any and all of my personal data, credit or financial information, to other banks, financial institutions, debt collection agencies, credit bureaus, and/or any credit reporting agency, each of them to be known as “Receiving Party”;
  • seek and obtain any personal data, credit or financial information from any bank, financial institution, debt collection agency, credit bureaus and/or any credit reporting agency, each of them to be known as a “Disclosing Party”), You hereby authorize any Disclosing Party to share and/or disclose any and all of my personal data, credit and financial information with us;
  • pay on my behalf, any fees or charges applicable to seek or obtain information from any Disclosing Party.


Other than our gross negligence or willful misconduct you agree to indemnify and keep us Indemnified, for and/or in respect of all or any actual loss or damage arising from the use, share and disclosure of any of my personal data, credit and financial information with Receiving Party. You further agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified for and/or in respect of all or any actual loss or damage arising from seeking/obtaining any of my personal data, credit and financial information from any Disclosing Party.

You understand that we make no warranty concerning the accuracy, validity, and/or completeness of any such information whatsoever sought, obtained, or disclosed by us. Therefore, you understand, agree and confirm that we will not be responsible for compensating me for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, that you may suffer as a result of the inaccuracy, invalidity and/or incompleteness of any such information.
6.5 Other Rules and Regulations
These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the rules and regulations of MasterCard International (as
amended from time to time) or Central Bank of Jordan or other relevant authority.
In addition to the above rules and regulations, these Terms and Conditions is also subject to the Issuer policy, in which you shall not use the Card or allow any third party to use the Card in a transaction not acceptable to the Issuer. All transactions involving merchants which the Issuer is aware conducts a business not acceptable to the Issuer, including but not limited to, gambling, merchants selling and/or providing pornography related products and/or services will be declined. In case of such use, the Issuer reserves the right forthwith without notice and without liability to you to cancel the Card and you shall immediately following such cancellation pay all outstanding amounts in respect of such cancelled Card to the Issuer.

6.6 Governing Law and Jurisdiction                    
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan and the courts of Amman "Qasr Al Adal" shall have the sole jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising between the Parties.




Transaction Dispute Form

If you believe a transaction on your statement is in error, you must attempt to resolve with the merchant before initiating a dispute. After you have attempted to resolve with the merchant and feel you still need assistance, please complete and sign this form with your detailed information. Provide copies of all documentation that will help us investigate your dispute (i.e. contracts, invoices, detailed letter, cancellation number, etc.). Do not mail your dispute form or letter with your payment.

Please check only one box. Do not alter wording on this form.

Your Name: ______________________________________ 9 Digit Token Number: _________________________________________  Amount:________________________ Transaction Date: __________________________ Post Date: ___________________________ Last 4 Digits on Card: _______________________________________Merchant Name: ______________________________________

Please tell us why you think the item noted is in error. Check only one box and include specific details.

  • I certify that the charge in question was a single transaction, but was posted twice to my statement. I did not authorize the second transaction.

Tran Date ___________ Post Date _____________ Sale#1 $_____________ Reference #__________________
Tran Date ___________ Post Date _____________ Sale#2 $_____________ Reference #__________________ 

  • I was issued a credit slip that has not shown on my statement. Must provide a copy of your credit slip  Attached is my credit slip which was listed as a charge on my statement. 
  • I have not received the merchandise that was to be shipped to me on ___________ (date). I have asked the merchant on _____________ (date) to credit my account. Confirmation# _______________________.
  • Merchandise that was shipped has arrived damaged and/or defective. I returned it on ___________ (date) and asked the merchant to credit my account. Enclosed is my return receipt copy or tracking number for this return. # _____________________ ­
  • I have returned the merchandise on _________ (date) because __________________________. Enclosed is a copy of my return slip or you can use this tracking number ____________________________________. 
  • I notified the merchant on _____________ (date), cancellation # ______________ to cancel the preauthorized monthly billing. The reason for my cancellation is ____________________________________. Please allow 10 days to cancel a recurring charge so the merchant has time to remove your information from their system. 
  • I was charged for a hotel room, which I cancelled on (date) _________. Please note cancellation # ____________________ or see attached phone bill showing the date and time of cancellation. (Proof of cancellation is a must
  • The amount of the charge was increased from $__________________ to $_______________ or my sales slip was added incorrectly. Enclosed is my copy of the sales draft that shows the correct amount. 
  • Although, I did engage in a transaction with the merchant, I was billed for _________transaction(s) totaling $_____________ that I did not engage in, nor did anyone else authorized to use my card. I do have all my cards in my possession. Enclosed is a copy of my sales slip with the valid charge. 
  • My card was used to secure this purchase but payment was actually made by other means. Attach copies of the cancelled check (front and back), cash receipt or other credit card account statements showing the transaction. 
  • I certify that I have cancelled my recurring payment and it is still being debited from my account. Please place a stop pay on this transaction: Date cancelled: ______________ Amount:___________________________ Date last debited from account: ________________

*******The stop pay request will only stop exact dollar amount matches

Signature (required) ______________________________________________ Date: ____________________________________ Telephone: __________________________ email: _________________________________________

Please return the dispute form and/or letter to Cards Risk Management Team by: mail, P.O. Box 500162, Dubai, U.A.E.; or email to Customersupport@ZADAZ.com. Please keep a copy of this form for your records.




download a printable .pdf version of the terms and conditions

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